Neuro Rehab.

Neuro Rehab is a branch of physiotherapy in which we treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson's, Stroke, GBS, Head and Spine injury, etc.

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Stroke is the damage in the brain by blockage of blood vessels due to blood clots, interruption in oxygen supply, or damage in blood vessels.

Type of Stoke

There is 5 type of stroke :

  1. Ischemic Stroke
  2. Hemorrhagic Stroke
  3. Transient Ischemic Stroke
  4. Brain Stem Stroke
  5. Cryptogenic Stroke

FAST Stroke Recognition:

F-Face: See face drooping

A-Arm: Watch the weekness and sagginess of one arm

S-Speech: Listen the speech is slugged or unwanted sound

T-Time: Call the Ambulance immediately after all these signs

Now consult with an expert therapist at affordable charges for physiotherapy.

  A symptom of stroke:

  1. Numbness or weakness in the arm, face, and leg on one side of the body
  2. Understanding speech
  3. Confusion
  4. Slurring speech
  5. Vision
  6. Coordination & balance
  7. Trouble walking
  8. Dizziness
  9. Severe headache

The risk factor of Stroke :

  1. Diet - Unhealthy diet
  2. Inactivity - Sedentary lifestyle
  3. Alcohol Intake
  4. Tobacco Consumption
  5. Age

Ignoring such an issue can be a serious issue in the future Now consult with an expert therapist at affordable charges for physiotherapy.

Treatment of stroke:

Along with the medication, physiotherapy is a must for the person to achieve daily living activities.

Starting with the passive exercises we gradually increase the intensity of exercise according to patient recovery.

 Gait training, balance exercise, and co-ordination exercises are also helpful to treat patient balance and co-ordination.

Physiotherapy prevents bedsores by changing the position of the patient.


Chest physiotherapy also helps to clear the lungs by percussion, vibration, and breathing exercises

There are some facial exercises too to achieve the function of facial muscles.

Now consult with expert therapists at affordable charges for physiotherapy.

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